Installing User Scripts in Chrome

Installing a user script into Chrome used to be trivial. You simply opened the script file (ending in .user.js), and Chrome automatically turned it into an extension.

However, since about version 21, due to security concerns, Chrome has discouraged installing extensions not obtained from the App Store. It is still possible, but you have to take some quite deliberate steps:

  1. Open the Chrome Extensions page (browse to URL chrome://extensions).
  2. Ensure that the "Developer mode" checkbox at the upper right is ticked.
  3. Download the user script, already packaged as a Chrome extension, to a convenient spot in your filesystem, e.g. Desktop or Downloads. See links below for available downloads.
  4. Unzip the download (should result in a directory with the same name as the downloaded zip archive).
  5. Click the "Load packed extension..." button near the top of the Extensions window, navigate to the unzipped folder and select it.

    Alternatively, drag the unzipped folder from a Finder or Explorer window to the Chrome extensions page. A box should pop up prompting you to "Drop to Install".
The extension you downloaded should now be listed among your installed extensions.

Chrome-compatible Downloads

Download and unzip. You should have a folder named after the download (e.g., FRTV -> -> frtv/). Follow the steps above to install it.

FRTV Free Republic Tree Viewer

FRPFE Free Republic Posting Form Enhancer